Medieval fantasy MMORPG on browser

Travel the world of Morana, goddess of death and winter. Fight her followers and free the evil that rages in a breathtaking adventure. Get rewards and level up your character through achievements by going on adventures and completing quests.

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Compatible with all browsers

Compatible with all browsers

Game items

Many unique objects
to discover

Find many rare items in the game depending on your level and your chances of looting. Become the most powerful warrior with your items and prove your true worth by appearing in the best player leaderboard.

Morana Online is a game based primarily on loot. This means that players who manage to obtain the best items will be rewarded and appear in the leaderboard.

The Ladder

Some items you can find in the game...

  • Invincible harness

    Invincible harness

    Common Gothic Harness
    Armor +10

    Made from the toughest materials known to man, this harness is virtually indestructible. It can protect its wearer against any attack, including swords, arrows and even fire.

    120 gold
    110 point
  • Stealth Shoe

    Stealth Shoe

    Common Turnshoe
    Armor +2
    Speed +6

    A quiet, durable turnshoe, perfect for sneaking around unnoticed. Its flexible sole makes no noise on the ground.

    96 gold
    88 point
  • Blue moon

    Blue moon

    Common Palfrey
    Speed +15

    A fast, agile steed, perfect for jousting. It is said that the steed was blessed by the moon goddess, giving it its speed and agility.

    180 gold
    165 point
  • Unbreakable Lorica

    Unbreakable Lorica

    Common Lorica Segmentata
    Armor +5

    This lorica is made of the strongest steel and is virtually indestructible. It is said that only a dragon's breath could pierce it.

    60 gold
    55 point
  • Knight's companion

    Knight's companion

    Common Coursing Saddle
    Speed +4
    Hunting +2

    A sturdy, well-made saddle designed to be both comfortable and durable. Perfect for a variety of equestrian activities, including racing, falconry and jousting.

    72 gold
    66 point
  • Time gauntlets

    Time gauntlets

    Common Gauntlets
    Armor +5
    Loot +2

    These gauntlets are said to be able to control time. The wearer can slow down, speed up or even reverse time.

    84 gold
    77 point

More items

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A free MMORPG game for browser

Morana Online is a browser-based MMORPG set in a medieval fantasy world.

Players explore this world filled with dangerous creatures, treacherous dungeons and treasures hidden. They also have the opportunity to interact with other players from all over the world. This game offers a variety of different features: loot system, in-depth character customization, social network...

Overall, Morana Online offers players a deep and rewarding experience, with a variety of different gameplay options.

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