General conditions of sale

Find below the general conditions of sale for the site and the Morana Online game.

1. Acceptance of conditions

By accessing or using Morana Online, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to comply with these general conditions of sale for any purchase via the online store. You must also have read and accept the conditions of use of the services available on the platform. If you do not agree with any part of these terms, please do not use the services of the Site, Game or Online Store.

2. Terms of Use

As previously stated, by browsing the site, registering, or playing Morana Online, you agree to the conditions of use.

3. Registration on the site

The purchase of a virtual or physical service or product on the Morana Online site involves the creation of a user account. This involves the collection and storage of personal data. Users are informed of this and accept the confidentiality policy before any purchase or before any use of the various services offered.

4. Prices and payment

Each user and each player can browse and play freely without financial compensation. However, they can at any time purchase services or products (Virtual or physical) associated with the game. These products and services are detailed below. Their prices are directly displayed on the online store which can be viewed on the website. They can evolve and be modified at any time. Registered users have the possibility to pay online by different secure payment methods via the services of Morana Online's partner financial service provider. Payment management, invoicing and order history are managed by this same entity using their simplified online tools. If a user notices a problem when paying or using these services, they are required to notify Morana Online so that the information is transmitted as quickly as possible to their financial service provider.

5. Refund

Payment for a service or product on the Morana Online site cannot be refunded. Indeed, in order to preserve the financial stability of the company, Morana Online reserves the right not to make any reimbursement, without any reason or without any particular reason and without having offered a service or product to the player or user . Players can, however, use the contact form to explain their situation or if they consider it legitimate to be reimbursed.

6. Postal delivery

Certain products bearing the brand's image can be sent by post. These items are sent by post to the address that the user has indicated in their personal information in their private space. The products are sent within a time frame depending on the postal service and the availability of the delivery service, which can be up to 45 working days. For budgetary reasons, items cannot be sent outside the European Economic Zone. Morana Online therefore reserves the right not to send the items if the postal address indicated in the user's personal information does not respect this condition. Furthermore, Morana Online also reserves the right not to send the item for any other reasons. In addition, each user can make a complaint at any time via the contact form if they believe that there is a problem.

7. Products and services offered

The products and services offered on the online store all have a title, a description and a price. Players or users are therefore informed of what they are purchasing. These products or services may evolve and be modified or deleted at any time. Morana Online cannot be held responsible for the consequences of these changes.

8. Legal notices

The general conditions of sale also form part of the legal notices present on the website. The user of the Morana Online site or game is required to read it. If he does not agree with one or more of the parts that constitute these legal notices, he is required not to use the services offered and to leave the platform.

9. Changes to Conditions

At any time, we may update the general conditions of sale. They are updated occasionally but it is the users' responsibility to consult them periodically.

10. Contact information

When a user has a question or problem regarding the store, the contents, or more generally the Morana Online site or game, they can contact the company using contact form. In addition, Morana Online invites each user and each player to use this form in order to report the various problems they may encounter (this with the aim of improving the services).