p3x, player profile #1


Rank #1
God of loot - 4510 point


Level 11
XP to next level : 40000/110000

  • Damage : 46
  • Armor : 79
  • Speed : 29
  • Fishing : 23
  • Hunting : 12
  • Loot : 1

Stuff Items

  • Almighty Trident

    Almighty Trident

    Uncommon Trident #2
    Damage +24
    Fishing +20

    A trident that can grant any wish.

    1056 gold
    968 point
  • Endless scutum

    Endless scutum

    Rare Scutum #1
    Armor +21

    A large, heavy shield that can protect its user from most attacks. It is said to be indestructible and can never be broken.

    756 gold
    693 point
  • Dragon breastplate

    Dragon breastplate

    Uncommon Gothic Breastplate #1
    Armor +8

    This breastplate is made from dragon scales. It is light and supple, but also very resistant. It can protect its wearer from fire and other elemental attacks.

    192 gold
    176 point
  • Griffin's grip

    Griffin's grip

    Rare Riding Gloves #1
    Armor +12
    Speed +6

    These gloves are made from the thick, tough hide of a griffon, and are lined with soft fur to keep the rider's hands warm and comfortable. The griffon's handle is also enchanted with a spell that protects the rider's hands from injury.

    648 gold
    594 point
  • Moonlight


    Common Sabatons #1
    Armor +7
    Speed +5

    These silver sabatons are enchanted to glow in the dark. They are said to be able to protect their wearer from the dangers of the night.

    144 gold
    132 point
  • Lionheart


    Rare Royal Medallion #1
    Damage +12
    Armor +21
    Fishing +3
    Hunting +9

    The Lion Heart is a medieval royal medallion that is said to give the wearer courage and strength. It is made of gold and inlaid with precious stones.

    1620 gold
    1485 point
  • Ring of prosperity

    Ring of prosperity

    Common Merchant Ring #1
    Damage +9
    Armor +7

    This ring is said to bring luck and fortune to its wearer. It is made of gold and inlaid with precious stones.

    192 gold
    176 point
  • Ring of invisibility

    Ring of invisibility

    Common Annular Ring #1
    Damage +1
    Armor +3
    Loot +1

    A ring said to be capable of rendering its wearer invisible. However, it is also said that the ring can be dangerous, and that the wearer should use it with caution.

    60 gold
    55 point

Mount objects

  • The ghost

    The ghost

    Common Jennet #1
    Speed +13

    A genet said to be haunted by the ghost of its former owner. The horse was said to appear at night, and its riderless appearance was said to frighten people.

    156 gold
    143 point
  • Knight's companion

    Knight's companion

    Common Coursing Saddle #1
    Speed +3
    Hunting +3

    A sturdy, well-made saddle designed to be both comfortable and durable. Perfect for a variety of equestrian activities, including racing, falconry and jousting.

    72 gold
    66 point
  • Black whip

    Black whip

    Common Crop #1
    Speed +2

    This whip is said to be cursed. It is said to have been created by an evil sorcerer to subdue others. Whoever possesses it can control the minds of those he strikes.

    24 gold
    22 point

Fishing items

This player does not currently own any fishing items...