Description of the online MMORPG Morana Online

Game concept

Morana Online is an MMORPG type game integrating other types of games (FPS, racing game, platform, tower defense, runner, CTF, etc...). In it, players are immersed in the medieval fantasy universe of Dalmarok, a kingdom ruled by the hereditary king Hesilius (The humble messenger of Dalmarok).

In this universe, players can freely move around, meet other players, interact with them, participate in quests or events and much more.


The game was created with the aim of being able to be played regardless of the player's device as long as the player has a browser.

Indeed, Morana Online can be played on a computer as well as a tablet or smartphone using the most popular browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.). It does not require any prior installation and does not require a very powerful device.

However, players may sometimes experience display or latency issues. To do this, they can go to the main menu of the game and optimize their display settings by clicking on the "Parameters" button.


The game controls will depend on the type of device used (Computer, tablet or smartphone).

On a computer, the player can move his character or interact using his mouse or using the keys on his keyboard (Z, Q, S and D). Other keyboard keys are preconfigured to provide the player with a better gaming experience (I = inventory display, Space = Jump, T = teleport, etc.). These keys are usually indicated directly in the game interface.

On mobile or tablet the player can use touch to move or he can also use a small virtual joystick. The controls are slightly different on mobile but the gameplay remains comfortable.

User interface


The game's inventory is comparable to the inventories of the most popular games of the same type. There we find on the one hand the information and statistics of the player's character, on the other hand the equipped objects (Contributing to changing the statistics), and finally the other non-equipped objects that the character can carry.

Each item belongs to a type and can be equipped according to it. There are 10 types of items that can be equipped on the character (helmet, gloves, boots, leggings, belt, armor, medallion, rings, weapon and shield). There are 3 types of item for the character's mount (Mount, whip or crop and saddle) and 3 types of item for fishing (Fishing rod, hook and bait). Then, there are also several other non-equipable types with other functionalities in the game that the player discovers throughout their adventure.

Objects collected in-game are added to the player's inventory and can be replaced in order to gradually improve the character's equipment. In short, an inventory close to what can be found in many other role-playing games...

HUD (Heads-Up Display)

The player can interact at any time thanks to the HUD at the bottom of the browser window. Thanks to it, he can fight, interact with objects, jump, call his mount, teleport, display his inventory, or access the main menu of the game.

Non-player character (NPC)

During his journey, the player can meet other players but also other non-player characters (NPCs). These NPCs are very important in the player's progress in the game because they allow you to obtain new items, evolve throughout the main story and complete quests.

The players can then interact with this type of character by buying or selling objects for example.


The player can buy or sell items to NPCs during their game. But he can also trade with other players he meets. He can offer to exchange objects with other players, he can exchange objects for in-game money, or he can also offer or be offered objects without the other player proposing an exchange.

To trade, the player can ask another player he meets by clicking on his character.


Instant messaging is available to players. On this, players can discuss freely among themselves but it is important to note that respect and good conduct for everyone are fundamental. The chat as well as the entire game are subject to the conditions of use.

Several features are present in this chat and allow the player to easily discuss the game with a single player, with a group of players, or with all the other players in a game.


In the game, the player has the possibility to move his character wherever he wishes in the maps of the kingdom of Dalmarok.

To simplify their movements, the player can orient themselves using a mini-map available in the upper right corner of the browser window. This can prove to be a valuable aid for the player in optimizing their travel times.


Each object found in the game has characteristics allowing the player to progress in the game. Among them we find 6 main skill points: Damage, armor, speed, fishing, hunting, loot. When a player finds a new item, they can decide to equip it on their character in order to improve their skill points, or they can sell it, trade it with another player, or simply keep it in their inventory .

Certain items allow the player to improve their character's statistics in order to progress more quickly in the game. Other items allow them to complete quests or objectives.

The majority of items are obtained randomly during the game. Items can be more or less rare and there are 7 levels of rarity (Common, Noteworthy, Rare, Very Rare, Epic, Mythical, Divine). The rarer an object, the more its characteristics are increased tenfold.

An item of a particular type can also be stackable with another item of the same rarity. If for example the player obtains a berry by picking it from a bush in the game, he can group it with other berries of the same rarity already picked in his inventory in order to use only one and the same location (99 being the maximum number of stackable objects).

On the other hand, an item can also be linked to the player's account. In other words, the player will not be able to sell or exchange the item in question.


Loot is the most important element of the game. It is thanks to it and luck that a player can achieve the main objective of the game: to be the best in the ranking.

It is also thanks to it that a player can gain experience and thus gain levels. Because unlike a classic game, it is not the number of monsters killed or the quests that earn experience, but it is the objects added to the player's inventory. Regardless of whether the item is subsequently worn, sold or traded, it will earn the player experience as long as it is collected.

Experience allows you to gain levels, which in turn will allow you to obtain increasingly rare objects earning more and more points. The player's level therefore determines the level of rarity of the loot and the rarer the loot, the more experience and points it brings.


The best players on Morana Online will be awarded different titles based on their ranking. This ranking is carried out in real time based on the points obtained by the players.

The point system is relatively simple: The player with the best equipment appears at the top of the ranking. This means that items equipped to a player's character, the player's mount or fishing gear, all together define the player's ranking based on their total points.

Loot box

In order to improve their equipment more quickly and to move up the rankings more quickly, the player can purchase loot boxes through the online store. Depending on the type of loot box purchased, the player can obtain one or more more or less rare items at random. The store is subject to the general conditions of sale.