50coins, player profile #2


Rank #2
King of loot - 4048 point


Level 2
XP to next level : 400/20000

  • Damage : 12
  • Armor : 116
  • Speed : 20
  • Fishing : 14
  • Hunting : 15
  • Loot : 1

Stuff Items

  • Storm rapier

    Storm rapier

    Common Rapier #1
    Damage +11

    This rapier is said to be able to control time. The blade is said to be made from a meteorite, and can summon storms and lightning.

    132 gold
    121 point
  • Eternal crest

    Eternal crest

    Uncommon Escutcheon #1
    Armor +30

    A crest that never fades or tarnishes. It is said that whoever owns this crest will always be remembered.

    720 gold
    660 point
  • Invisible harness

    Invisible harness

    Uncommon Gothic Harness #1
    Armor +18

    This harness makes the wearer invisible. It's made from a special material that bends light around the wearer, making him or her totally undetectable.

    432 gold
    396 point
  • Laughing gloves

    Laughing gloves

    Uncommon Jester Gloves #1
    Armor +18
    Speed +6

    These gloves are said to have the power to make anyone laugh, no matter how gloomy they may be. The gloves are made from a special type of leather said to have been blessed by a fairy.

    576 gold
    528 point
  • Seven-star belt

    Seven-star belt

    Uncommon Sword Belt #1
    Armor +8
    Speed +2

    Sword belt inlaid with seven precious stones, said to confer strength, courage and wisdom.

    240 gold
    220 point
  • Killer leggings

    Killer leggings

    Uncommon Mail Greaves #1
    Armor +20

    These leggings are made from the scales of a dragon. They are said to be impervious to all weapons, and have saved the lives of many knights and warriors.

    480 gold
    440 point
  • Invisibility boots

    Invisibility boots

    Common Hessian Boots #1
    Armor +2
    Speed +4

    These boots make the wearer invisible. They are said to have been made by a mischievous elf.

    72 gold
    66 point
  • Traveller's medallion

    Traveller's medallion

    Rare Pilgrim Medallion #1
    Armor +15
    Fishing +12
    Hunting +15

    Medallion supposed to guide and protect pilgrims on their way. It is made of silver and represents Saint James the Greater, patron saint of pilgrims.

    1512 gold
    1386 point
  • Ring of Destiny

    Ring of Destiny

    Common Annular Ring #1
    Damage +1
    Armor +5
    Loot +1

    This ring is said to be capable of fulfilling the wearer's deepest desires. However, it is also said that the ring comes at a price, and that the wearer must be careful what he wishes for.

    84 gold
    77 point

Mount objects

  • Light hoof

    Light hoof

    Common Destrier #1
    Speed +8

    An intelligent steed, known for its cunning. Its ability to outwit opponents makes it a valuable asset for knights and warriors.

    96 gold
    88 point

Fishing items

  • Currants


    Rare Bait #5
    Fishing +2
    Picking +1

    Berries that can be eaten or used for fishing.

    216 gold
    66 point